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Niveau 1er auteur Année Titre Mots-clés Lien PDF
Capture Romdal 2024 Mortality rates in the national bird ringing programme of Denmark and the Faroe Islands impact ; baguage Romdal et al, 2024
GPS Paton 2020 Fate of Common (Sterna hirundo) and Roseate Terns (S. dougallii) with Satellite Transmitters Attached with Backpack Harnesses sternes ; impact ; harnais Paton et al, 2020
VHF Jones 2024 Considerations for radio-transmitter specifications on songbirds : color and antenna length matter too passereaux ; impact ; antenne Jones et al, 2024
GPS Vandenabeele 2024 Excess Baggage for Birds : Inappropriate Placement of Tags on Gannets Changes Flight Patterns oiseaux marins ; impact ; queue Vandenabeele et al, 2024
Harnais Biles 2022 Tracking Device Attachment Methods for American Kestrels : Backpack Versus Leg-Loop Harnesses rapaces ; impact ; harnais Biles et al, 2022
GPS Mallory 2008 Leg-loop harness design for attaching external transmitters to seabirds oiseaux marins ; impact ; harnais Mallory et al, 2008
GPS Vandenabeele 2012 When three per cent may not be three per cent ; device-equipped seabirds experience variable flight constraints oiseaux marins ; impact Vandenabeele et al, 2012
GPS/GLS Gillies 2020 Short-term behavioural impact contrasts with long-term fitness consequences of biologging in a long-lived seabird Puffins Gillies et al, 2020
Bagues Rousteau 2022 High long-term survival and asymmetric movements in a reintroduced metapopulation of Cinereous vultures Vautour ; perte de bagues métal Rousteau et al., 2022
Biométrie Brown 1996 Assessing body condition in birds Tous Brown, 1996
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GPS Clewley et al. 2021 Development of a Weak-Link Wing Harness for Use on Large Gulls (Laridae) : Methodology, Evaluation and Recommendations grands laridés, harnais Clewley et al, 2021
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VHF Tomotani et al. 2021 Great tits do not compensate over time for a radio-tag-induced reduction in escape-flight performance impact ; télémétrie ; passereau ; reproduction Tomotani et al, 2010
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nesting raptors
méthodes ; remplacement ; rapaces Jensen et al, 2019
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Rufous Fantails Rhipidura rufifrons
Passereaux Nietmann et al, 2018
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Breeding Performance of a Long-Distance Passerine Migrant
Passereaux Arlt et al, 2013
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of an aerial insectivorous bird, the Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica)
Hirondelle Matyjasiak et al, 2016
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Goéland et Labbe Thaxter et al, 2015
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on a long-distance migrating shorebird
Limicoles , harnais Chan et al, 2015
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satellite transmitters on Saker Falcons Falco cherrug
faucon Dixon et al, 2016
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