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PP Cadiou 2019 Alauda Bilan d’un demi-siècle de suivis des colonies d’Océanite tempête Hydrobates pelagicus de l’Archipel de Molène (Bretagne) reproduction ; démographie ; prédation Cadiou & Mahéo, 2019
PP Champagnon 2019 PeerJ Effects of research disturbance on nest survival in a mixed colony of waterbirds impact du baguage ; reproduction Champagnon et al., 2019
PP Duriez 2019 Sc. Rep. Port-Cros Natl. Park Quel futur pour les balbuzards de Corse et de la réserve naturelle de Scandola ? PANTUS ; Pandion haliaetus Duriez et al., 2019
PP Gaget 2019 Ibis Long‐term decline despite conservation efforts questions Eurasian Stone‐curlew population viability in intensive farmlands BUROED ; declin ; démographie Gaget et al., 2019
PP Hameau 2019 Journal of Ornithology Assessing the effectiveness of bird rehabilitation : temporarily captive-reared Little Owls (Athene noctua) experience a similar recruitment rate as wild birds ATHNOC ; réhabilitation ; recrutement Hameau et Millon, 2019, version française
PP Duriez 2018 Biology Letters Migrating ospreys use thermal uplift overthe open sea PANTUS ; télémétrie ; 3D Duriez et al., 2018
PP Marchand 2018 European Journal of Wildlife Research Relocations and one-time disturbance fail to sustainably disperse non-breeding common ravens Corvus corax due to homing behaviour and extensive home ranges CORRAX ; non-reproducteur ; mouvement Marchand et al., 2018
PP Monti 2018 Animal Conservation The price of success : integrative long-term study reveals ecotourism impacts on a flagship species at a UNESCO site PANTUS ; stress ; tourisme Monti et al., 2018
PP Monti 2018 Conservation Genetics Genetic connectivity among osprey populations and consequences for conservation : philopatry versus dispersal as key factors PANTUS ; génétique ; conservation Monti et al., 2018
PP Monti 2018 Ibis Migration and wintering strategies in vulnerable Mediterranean Osprey populations PANTUS ; migration ; hivernage ; télémétrie Monti et al., 2018
PP Monti 2018 Journal of Avian Biology Migration distance affects stopover use but not travel speed : contrasting patterns between long- and short-distance migrating ospreys PANTUS ; migration ; télémétrie Monti et al., 2018
PP Péron 2017 Journal of Applied Ecology The energy landscape predicts flight height and wind turbine collision hazard in three species of large soaring raptor PANTUS ; AQUCHR ; télémétrie ; 3D ; éolien Péron et al., 2017
PP Archaux 2004 Waterbirds Wintering of White Storks in Mediterranean France CICCIC ; hivernage Archaux et al., 2004
PP Archaux 2008 Ibis High turnover and moderate fidelity of White Storks Ciconia ciconia at a European wintering site CICCIC ; hivernage Archaux et al., 2008
PP Arizaga 2015 Bird Study Biases associated with the use of a playback in stopover ecology studies of Bluethroats Luscinia svecica LUSSVE ; biais, repasse Arizaga et al., 2015
PP Arizaga 2015 Ardeola Migratory connectivity in European bird populations : feather stable isotope values correlate with biometrics of breeding and wintering Bluethroats Luscinia svecica LUSSVE ; migration ; isotopes ; biométrie Arizaga et al., 2015
PP Arizaga 2016 Bird Study Breeding origins and pattern of migration of
Bluethroats Luscinia svecica wintering from Iberia to Senegal as revealed by stable isotopes
LUSSVE ; migration ; isotopes Arizaga et al., 2016
PP Barbaro 2008 Biodiversity and Conservation Multi-scale habitat selection and foraging ecology of the eurasian hoopae (Upupa epops) in pine plantations UPUEPO ; habitat Barbaro et al., 2008
PP Barbraud 2003 Journal of Animal Ecology Phenotypic correlates of post-fledging dispersal in a population of greater flamingos : the importance of body condition PHORUB ; condition corporelle ; dispersion Barbraud et al., 2003
PP Bavoux 2006 Journal of Raptor Research Gender determination in the western Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) using morphometrics and discriminant analysis CIRAER ; dimorphisme sexuel Bavoux et al., 2006
PP Berman 2009 Proceedings of the Royal Society B Contrasted patterns of age-specific reproduction in long-lived seabirds Oiseaux marins ; reproduction Berman et al., 2009
PP Boileau 2014 Journal of Raptor Research Post-fledging dependence period in the Eurasian Kestrel (Falco tinnuculus) in western France FALTIN ; condition corporelle Boileau et al., 2014
PP Borras 2005 Aves Citril finch (Serinus citrinella) populations at the north of the Pyrenees may winter in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula SERLLA ; hivernage ; migration Borras et al., 2005
PP Brucy 2009 Cotinga First documented record of Rufous-rumped Antwren Terenura callinota in French Guiana TERCAL ; Guyane Brucy et al., 2009
PP Cadiou 2004 Aquatic Living Resources Ecological impact of the « Erika » oil spill : determination of the geographic origin of the affected common guillemots CEPGRY ; biogéographie Cadiou et al., 2004
PP Chartier 2001 Alauda La Cigogne blanche Ciconia ciconia en Normandie au XXe siècle CICCIC ; migration Chartier, 2001
PP Chevallier 2010 Ringing and Migration Satellite tracking of a Booted Eagle Aquila pennata during migration HIEPEN ; migration Chevallier et al., 2010
PP Chevallier 2015 Journal of Applied Ecology Retrofitting of power lines effectively reduces mortality by electrocution in large birds : an example with the endangered Bonelli’s eagle HIEFAS ; conservation ; mortalité ; survie annuelle ; prévention Chevallier et al., 2015
PP Chiron 2007 Journal of Wildlife Management Responses of songbirds to magpie reduction in an urban habitat PICPIC ; régulation ; impact sur passeaux Chiron et al., 2007
PP D’Amico 2007 Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Time-activity budgets and energetics of Dipper Cinclus cinclus are dictated by temporal variability of river flow CICLUS ; budget énergétique D’Amico et al., 2007
PP Eybert 1989 Comptes-Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences Premières données sur le territorialisme hivernal observé chez la Gorgebleue (Luscinia svecica L.) LUSSVE ; territoire Eybert et al., 1989
PP Finch 2015 Diversity and Distributions A pan-European, multipopulation assessment of migratory connectivity in a near-threatened migrant bird CORGAR, migration, connectivity, population Finch et al., 2015
PP Fohr 2007 Ciconia Répartition et abondance du Cincle plongeur (Cinclus cinclus) dans 4 bassins versants des Vosges bas-rhinoises CINCIN ; reproduction Fohr, 2007
PP Fohr 2013 Ciconia Quelques aspects de la reproduction du Cincle plongeur (Cinclus cinclus) dans les Vosges moyennes alsaciennes CINCIN ; reproduction Fohr, 2013
PP Fohr 2018 Ciconia Importance de la polyginie du Cincle plongeur (Cinclus cinclus) dans les Vosges moyennes alsaciennes CINCIN ; reproduction Fohr, 2018
PP Foucher 2013 Ornithos Nouveaux sites d ?hivernage du Phragmite aquatique Acrocephalus paludicola en Afrique de l’Ouest ACROLA ; hivernage Fournier et al., 2013
PP Fournier 2013 Alauda Radiopistage sur la Gorgebleue à miroir Luscinia svecica namnetum : une technique robuste et fiable pour la pose d’émetteurs LUSSVENAM ; radiotracking Fournier et al., 2013
AS Fournier 2014 Alauda Optimisation du marquage d’oiseaux par la pose de bagues couleurs Bagues couleurs Fournier et al., 2014
PP Garoche 2008 Alauda La biologie du Pipit maritime Anthus petrosus petrosus (Montagu) en Bretagne : caractère philopatrique et approche sur la dispersion natale ANTPET ; dispersion Garoche et al., 2008
PP Geslin 2002 Biological Conservation Salt exploitation and landscape structure in a breeding population of the threatened bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) in salt-pans in western France LUSSVE ; paysage Geslin et al., 2002
PP Geslin 2004 Bird Study Age-related improvement of reproductive success in Bluethroats Luscinia svecica LUSSVE ; reproduction Geslin et al., 2004
PP Geslin 2004 Ibis Sex-specific patterns in body condition and testosterone level changes in a territorial migratoty bird : the Bluethroat Luscinia svecica LUSSVE ; condition corporelle Geslin et al., 2004
PP Godet 2015 Journal of Ornithology Bluethroats Luscinia svecica namnetum offset landscape constraints by expanding their home range LUSSVE ; landscape Godet et al., 2015
PP Godet 2018 Biodiversity and Conservation Differences in home-range sizes of a bird species in its original, refuge and substitution habitats : challenges to conservation in anthropogenic habitats LUSSVE ; habitat Godet et al., 2018
PP Guillemain 2004 Journal of Ornithology Fuelling rates of garganey (Anas querquedula) staging in the Camargue, southern France, during spring migration ANAQUE ; condition corporelle Guillemain et al., 2004
PP Guillemain 2015 Wildfowl Becoming more sedentary ? Changes in recovery
positions of Mallard Anas platyrhynchos ringed in the Camargue, France, over the last 50 years
ANAPLA ; reprises Guillemain et al., 2015
PP Guyonnet 2011 Ringing and Migration The origin and population structure of Purple
Sandpiper Calidris maritima in northern France
CALMAR ; population Guyonnet et al., 2011
PP Henry 2011 Waterbirds Rubber Band Ingestion by a Rubbish Dump Dweller, the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) CICCIC ; pollution Henry et al., 2011
PP Henry 2004 Waterbirds Do adult little egrets respond to disturbance at their nest by increased breeding dispersal ? EGRGAR ; dispersion : méthode de capture Henry et al., 2004
PP Hernandez-Matias 2010 The Auk Determinants of territorial recruitment in Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata) populations HIEFAS ; recrutement Hernandez et al., 2010
PP Hogner 2013 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology Rapid sperm evolution in the bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) subspecies complex LUSSVE ; spéciation Hogner et al., 2013
PP Itty 2015 Rapaces de France - Oiseaux magazine La technologie GPS, un atout pour le suivi de l’Aigle royal dans le Massif Central AQUCHR ; GPS ; territoire Itty et al., 2015
PP Kerbiriou 2006 Ibis Linking territory quality and reproductive success in the Red-billed Chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrochorax : implications for conservation management of an endangered population PYRRAX ; territoire Kerbiriou et al., 2006
PP Koenig 2005 Afring News Sexing Madagascar Red Fody Foudia madagascariensis in the non-breeding period FOUDMAD Koenig, 2005
PP Le Gouar 2008 Ecological Applications Roles of survival and dispersal in reintroduction success of Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) GYPFUL ; dispersion Le Gouar et al., 2008
PP Le Guillou 2014 Rapport Suivi de la population de goéland marin Larus marinus de la ville du Havre LARMAR ; population Le Guillou et al., 2014
PP Lieury 2015 Biological Conservation Relative contribution of local demography and immigration in the recovery of a geographically-isolated population of the endangered Egyptian vulture NEOPER ; dynamique de population ; immigration Lieury et al., 2015
PP Lieury 2016 Biological Conservation Geographically isolated but demographically connected : Immigration supports efficient conservation actions in the recovery of a range-margin population of the Bonelli’s eagle in France HIEFAS ; dynamique de population ; immigration Lieury et al., 2016
PP Lieury 2017 Biological Conservation Designing cost-effective capture-recapture surveys for improving monitoring of survival in bird populations HIEFAS ; CMR Lieury et al., 2017
AS Lislevand 2015 Journal of Avian Biology Skipping-type migration in a small Arctic wader, the Temminck’s stint Calidris temminckii CALTEM ; migration Lislevand et al., 2015
PP Malafosse 2014 Alauda Dispersion post-natale des jeunes circaètes Jean-le-Blanc CIRGAL ; dispersion Malafosse et al., 2014
PP Martin 2016 Climate Research Migration timing responses to climate change differ between adult and juvenile white storks across Western Europe CICCIC ; migration ; phenologie Martin et al., 2016
PP Marzolin 2002 Journal of Wildlife Management Influence of the mating system of the Eurasian Dipper on sex-specific local survival rates CICLUS ; système de reproduction Marzolin, 2002
PP Matovic 2017 Population Ecology Disentangling the effects of predation and oceanographic fluctuations in the mortality of two allopatric seabird populations HYDPEL ; survie, climat Matovic et al., 2017
PP Meillère 2015 PLoS ONE Influence of urbanization on body size, condition, and physiology in an urban exploiter : a multi-component approach PASDOM ; condition corporelle ; taille ; milieu urbain - rural Meillère et al., 2015
PP Mihoub 2010 Biological Conservation Challenging conservation of migratory species : Sahelian rainfalls drive first-year survival of the vulnerable Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni FALNAU ; survie Mihoub et al., 2010
PP Morelli 2015 Behavioral Processes Saving the best for last : Differential usage of impaled prey byred-backed shrike (Lanius collurio) during the breeding season LANCOL ; comportement Morelli et al., 2015
PP Monti 2013 Ostrich The vulnerable Osprey breeding population of the Al Hoceima National Park, Morocco : present status and threats PANTUS ; conservation Monti et al., 2013
PP Monti 2017 Ornithos Ecologie et conservation du balbuzard pêcheur Pandion haliaetus en Méditerranée PANTUS ; télémétrie Monti et al., 2017
PP Mouronval 2016 Livre Guide de détermination de l’âge et du sexe des canards identification ; canards Mouronval & ONCFS, 2016
PP Musseau 2014 Acta Ornithologica Ecology of Aquatic Warblers Acrocephalus paludicola in a fall stopover area on the Atlantic coast of France ACROLA ; halte migratoire ; télémétrie Musseau et al., 2014
PP Musseau 2017 Ardeola Importance of intertidal wetlands for the French coastal endemic Bluethroat Cyanecula svecica namnetum and conservation implications in the context of global changes mue ; domaine vital ; régime alimentaire Musseau et al., 2017
PP Olioso 2011 Ornithos Variation géographique du plumage des pics verts du Languedoc-Roussillon PICVIR ; plumage Olioso et al., 2011
PP Poluda 2012 [Ringing and Migration] First confirmed connectivity between breeding sites and wintering areas of the globally threatened Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola ACROLA ; dmigration Poluda et al., 2012
PP Ponchon 2015 Rapaces de France - OISEAU Magazine Aigle de Bonelli : 25 ans du programme de baguage : bilan et perspectives HIEFAS ; démographie ; mortalité Ponchon & Ravayrol, 2015
AS Pons 2003 Population Ecology Local survival after fire in Mediterranean shrublands : combining capture-recapture data over several bird species Population, survie ; SYLUND Pons et al., 2003
PP Poulin 2002 Biodiversity and Conservation Effect of winter cutting on the passerine breeding assemblage in French Mediterranean reedbeds ACRSCI ; ACRMEL ; EMBSCH ; PANBIA ; CETCET ; habitat Poulin, 2002
PP Poulin 2002 Biological Conservation Habitat requirements of passerines and reedbed management in southern France ACRSCI ; ACRMEL ; EMBSCH ; PANBIA ; CETCET ; habitat Poulin, 2002
AS Pradel 2007 Ecoscience Potential contributions of capture-recapture to the estimation of population growth rate in restoration projects CMR ; dynamique de population ; CICCIC ; HIEFAS ; PHORUB Pradel et al., 2007
PP Ravussin 2015 Nos Oiseaux Quel avenir pour la Chouette de Tengmalm Aegolius funereus dans le massif du Jura ? Bilan de 30 années de suivi AEGFUN ; reproduction ; dispersion ; démographie Ravussin et al., 2015
PP Recorbet 2011 Alauda Premières données biologiques sur les Goélands d’Audouin Larus audouinii de la colonie d’Aspreto/Ajaccio (Corse) LARAUD ; reproduction Recorbet et al., 2011
PP Recorbet 2012 Proceedings of the 13th Medmaravis Pan-Mediterranean Symposium Results from ringing chicks of Audouin’s Gulls Larus audouinii at Aspretto colony (Corsica) and controls in Corsica of chicks ringed in Italy LARAUD ; dispersion Recorbet et al., 2012
PP Resano-Mayor 2014 PLoS ONE Multi-Scale Effects of Nestling Diet on Breeding
Performance in a Terrestrial Top Predator Inferred from Stable Isotope Analysis
HIEFAS ; succès de reproduction ; régime alimentaire Resano-Mayor et al., 2014
PP Robin 2016 La Gorgebleue 2.0 Démographie de la population de Barge à queue noire Limosa limosa limosa en reproduction dans les marais côtiers du Centre-Ouest de la France : premier bilan de cinq années LIMLIMLIM ; reproduction ; démographie Robin et al., 2014
PP Rojas 2016 PLoS One Network Analysis Shows Asymmetrical Flows within a Bird Metapopulation CICCIC ; metapopulation ; dispersion Rojas et al., 2016
PP Soufflot 2003 Alauda Informations fournies par les controles de chouettes effraies Tyto alba en Bourgogne TYTALB ; reprises
PP Vincent-Martin 2013 Nature de Provence Quelques éléments pour l’aide à
l’identification de l’âge des Aigles de Bonelli Aquila fasciata (Vieillot, 1822)
HIEFAS ; critères d’âge Vincent-Martin & Ponchon 2013
PP Wahl 2013 Ibis The demography of a newly established Osprey Pandion haliaetus population in France PANHAL, population Wahl et al., 2013
PP Monti 2021 Oecologia Using GPS tracking and stable multi-isotopes for estimating habitat use and winter range in Palearctic ospreys PANHAL, GPS